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Thread: Amid threat of cuts, medical research program changes leadership

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    Amid threat of cuts, medical research program changes leadership

    Amid threat of cuts, medical research program changes leadership
    Originally published August 27, 2011

    By Megan Eckstein
    News-Post Staff

    CDMRP was fortunate to receive significant funding during outgoing director Navy Capt. Melissa Kaime’s three years in charge and three years before that as deputy director. The organization’s annual budget swelled to more than $600 million, which it distributed through a competitive application process to fund research in areas including breast cancer, psychological health and traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

    “What’s been very rewarding in the last six years that I’ve been associated with CDMRP is the growth in our funding and our programs, and that’s as designed by Congress,” she said.


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    I moved this over to the FLA forum.

    Three years ago, Congress put some funds (i.e. about $4 billion into one-time only biomedical research projects) in a stimulus package and some of that went to stem cell and other research. Because of large numbers of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Congress funded the CDMRP to provides grants to study brain and spinal cord injury. They also formed the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) to develop and test regenerative therapies.

    The recent budget deals in Congress puts many programs such as these in jeopardy. NIH has been flatlined for nearly 10 years and so has not been a source of much brain or spinal cord injury funding in recent years. State funding for spinal cord injury research is also being reduced or cut in many states. The Department of Defense is one fo the few bright lights in the field. Now, it is beginning to look as if even this source of funding will be cut. I am worried and am doing all that I can to help. As soon as I find out more information regarding Congressional approval of these programs, I will post the information here for people to write to their representatives to support.


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    Thank you, Wise. I agree that a major letter writing effort will be required. Plus more.
    Karen M
    C 3/4 inc. central cord
    10/29/1992 - 18 years, but who counts?

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    I will be glad to send a letter or even if we all get a pettition of some sort I'll be more than happy to add my 2 cent's

    Sincerely ; GL

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