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Thread: service dogs and car service

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    service dogs and car service

    So I booked a car service to bring me home from the airport today. When I got to the towncar the driver told me he was going to charge me a $25 cleaning fee to bring my service dog in the car. He said that they were allowed to do this because i didn't inform then of the dog when I made the reservation.... Are they?

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    So in case anyone is curious, I found this thread on another site to be rather interesting:

    It might still be open to interpretation, but the impression I get is that they are NOT allowed to charge a cleaning or any extra fee to transport your service dog.

    7. Q: Can I charge a maintenance or cleaning fee for customers who bring service animals into my business?

    A: No. Neither a deposit nor a surcharge may be imposed on an individual with a disability as a condition to allowing a service animal to accompany the individual with a disability, even if deposits are routinely required for pets. However, a public accommodation may charge its customers with disabilities if a service animal causes damage so long as it is the regular practice of the entity to charge non-disabled customers for the same types of damages. For example, a hotel can charge a guest with a disability for the cost of repairing or cleaning furniture damaged by a service animal if it is the hotel's policy to charge when non-disabled guests cause such damage. ]
    But I'd definitely like to hear other's thoughts...

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    My understanding is that it is illegal for a fee to be charged and advanced notice is not necessary or required. Federal law considers a service dog medical equipment -same as oxygen, catheters, wheelchairs (no advanced notice or clean up fee required for them!).
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    Call the car service company headquarters on Monday and speak to the manager or owner. Ask for a refund (and perhaps a complementary ride the next time you travel). Explain the law (as above). If they do not offer to make this right, call you local ILC and speak to their ADA compliance person. You can file a complaint through the ADA DOT complaint site if you wish. This was illegal. If you don't take action, this driver will try to pull this on someone else.


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    Black car/limo services are licensed with states under TCP (Transportation Charter Party) or PSC (Passenger Service Company) licenses. Depending upon your state and the licensing procedures, I would write letters of complaint to the licensing agency siting the date, time, driver's name, and license and a description of the shake down/intimidating tactics the driver used. A driver could lose his license/medallion for operation with complaints like yours.

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    Please keep us posted if you persue this.

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    Please pursue it. I am so tired of hearing things like this with nothing done about it.
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    What a great avatar Addie Sue!
    Several years ago in Mpls there were some cab drivers who would not allow service dogs in their taxis for religious reasons.
    Can't remember how that turned out.

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    Thank you everyone for the responses. I absolutely plan to pursue this and will keep you all posted.

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