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Thread: I am in big trouble

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    Hang in there big guy, you'll make it through!

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    So sorry to read about your accident. {hugs} I'll be praying for you. God Bless you!

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    I know the thought of going into a skilled nursing facility for rehabis scary... but I work with people who do this all the time and return home after their rehabilitation therapy is complete. Thinking of you and your wife and family... you are wonderful!

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    You can do it.

    You are my role model, for my Dad.

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    That sucks big time. Maybe Medicare can rent you a lift. I am sure that they can provide attendant care. Thankfully you have a powerchair.

    I will put a gumband around my crossed fingers.
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    Teddy Roosevelt

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    9-1-2011 update:

    Hope to be up in my chair 10 hours today. Mrs. 55 will not have to be my waitperson.

    I managed to get undressed last evening. Dressing will be more of a challenge. Because of the edema in my hip, I cannot bend over enough to reach my toes.

    My new powerchair with the elevating seat is a godsend. We put the seat even with the bed and one person can slide me in/out of my wheelchair on a satin sheet with another watching my legs and sliding them on the legrests. No lifting at all! Whoever suggested using satin sheets to move people around in bed (in another thread), thanks, thanks, thanks.

    Going to a wound doc friend on Friday, Now he gets to practice on me.

    Home health aide did not show up on Wednesday as scheduled. She called and said she could not find her car keys.

    Mrs. 55 and I spent 2 hours counseling the PT yesterday (at her request). Her husband, who has just started his residency in neurology, has M.S. and is having neurogenic pain in his arms.

    I hate being dependent on other people to get me in/out of bed in the mornings and evenings, and doing my BP in bed. It really sucks! With people coming and going all the time, both Mrs. 55 and I have little privacy or peace during the day.

    If all continues to go well, I hope to spray the poison ivy along the fence row and spread fireant bait this weekend.
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    55, you are the embodiment of grace under fire.

    Thanks for updating us.

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    hang in there sweetie.
    I recon you will be good for a couple good incompetent aid/nurse stories in the near future.

    in the meantime, doesnt anne margaret make you smile?

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    Oh 55. After a morning of bad news your post made my day.

    You are making some real progress. I'm so glad you have that chair.
    Now I will have that "Satin Sheets" song on my mind all day.

    Sounds like typical aide antics unfortunately, but a bad day at home beats a good day at the hospital any old time is our motto.
    I'd say you get used to lack of privacy, but that would be a fib.
    Wonderful you are educating and enlightening the masses.
    Thanks for the update.

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    Sounds like you are making real progress, and I'm so glad. That post about satin sheets was a big help to me, too - spasticity makes it hard to turn over and those sheets make all the difference. It's wonderful that they are facilitating your transfers!

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