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Thread: I am in big trouble

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    It is a terrible situation, yet you manage to retain your sense of humor. I hope and pray for an outpouring of support and help where you live, so that you can remain in your home; and also that your reopened wound will, indeed, heal. Blessings to you and Mrs. 55.

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    Been out of town and just saw this. I'm SO sorry and hope things work out for you to stay home. Caring thoughts for you and "Mrs 55".

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    Wow 55, I am really sorry for your troubles. If I was closer I would bring over a big tray of baked ziti. Hope you heal quickly.


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    So glad you were able to let us know what is going on, and I am hoping that Medicare can put together a team to help you in transfers and whatever else is needed. Don't worry about the quad falling downstairs record. I think you just trumped it, unfortunately! Take good care of yourself and please give a shout out to Mrs. 55 and tell her we love both you and her too!

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    Hey love reading your posts Take care
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Hoping for better days in your honor.

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    Let the home health people know right off the bat you are NOT their average bear.
    They will figure that out soon enough, but they have to know your goal is to continue living as you have been.
    Let that nutty humor right out. (Maybe keep the naughty jokes for us though)
    Direct your care. Give Mrs.55 a hug from me.

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    You are hereby forbidden from taking any more falls, record-breaking or not. Get better soon, we need you here!

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    Oh my goodness SCIfor55...I am so sorry to hear this. Sending you both many hugs and prayers!

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    i hope mrs 55 can get some relief soon! but on the bright side, at least you're being well fed! <3 and hoping for a fast recovery
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