08/05 10:20

Scientists should only use adult stem cells for research: Anderson

The Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, has expressed concern at a proposal for Australian scientists to use aborted human foetuses for stem cell research.

Professor Alan Trouson, from the Monash University Institute of Reproduction and Development, raised the issue, after a Singaporean research team made a breakthrough using tissue from aborted foetuses instead of mice.

Mr Anderson thinks researchers should limit their work to adult stem cells research and he is urging the general public to get involved in the debate.

"I think we are drifting down the slope towards utilitarianism, I really do," he said.

"I believe society needs to set the boundaries here, not the scientists.

"That's not to say I have anything but regard for the ability of our scientists but we need a very informed debate and I think there are still too many people who don't understand the parameters of this difficult debate."

08/5/2002 14:53 AEST