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Thread: Lube Foilpacks?

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    Lube Foilpacks?

    What does everyone use for catheters? These are much easier/cleaner to deal with, especially when I am out than the big tubes.

    I originally got the entire kit with everything in it. Not sure the brand of lube, but it was in a silver package. It seemed to work good, but insurance quit paying for that, so I changed.

    Next I got PDI foil packs, which worked good. The package had a little tear off top and the consistency was good.

    Started running low so I ordered Proadvantage packets. No tear off top and the consistency sucks. Most of the time the entire blob falls of the catheter.

    Ordered some chester labs, and it is the same as the proadvantage stuff.

    Since I can't find the PDI stuff, I see Medline and surgilube. The surgilube stuff is $$, but I will pay it if it works good. I can't deal with the stuff falling off.

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    I love the foil packs, use them exclusively. I buy them by the case from allegro medical. The medline work okay but I prefer the surgilube.

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    Same here, foil packs are the way to go. If you use a large tube of lube over and over, you will be even more prone to uti's.

    I use the Surgilube Surgical sterile foik packets. Something ike a gross to the box. Cheap and never had a rpoblem with any of the packs. I think Savage puts them out.

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    Use the packets when out and about. Use the tubes when at home. You won't get an infection if you squirt it out and don't touch the tip with it and recap without putting the cap down. Also can clean the tip and cap with alcohol.

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    I have extra surgilube packets I think. If you want them let me know, you can just pay the shipping or something. I will have to go check to be sure.
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    i changed to the caths with the water satchel inside the cath,you bend the top portion to break the water satchel and it activities the anti- friction coating,find them much easier ,no drag or dry spots that i had with the lube. the kit with only water satchel is very small, the cath where you use sink water is even smaller, plus they have a kit that has a reservoir bag that is bigger, but i mix my order up,at home i use 1 type and when out another. the reservoir that holds the urine is good for measuring my retention, certain meds double my retention.
    the caths are also soft,not red rubber, but not the nelathon material,type of pvc that could create a false passage. i have full sensation so know hen it hurts, which is good as it prevents damage to my penis, i dont like to damage my penis.
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    the surgiluge packets are good.
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