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Thread: colostomy recovery

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    colostomy recovery

    My wife had it done due to diverticulitus/parentitus...
    She is 51 and very physically fit(exercises a lot)...
    She is in day 5 of recovery and has been up and walking since late in day 1 after surgery...
    I have been reading and many say recovery is 4-5 days...
    She is still only eating ice chips and has very little bowel activity...
    She tried broth and only vomited it back within an hour...
    She is still in alot of pain and is getting diloted for it( injections)...

    My questions are:
    1. What might be the complications that are causing the delay in recovery?
    2. What can be done to solve this issue?
    3. She had a fair amount of sepage to suction up during surgery and I am wondering if they may have missed some and is that normal?
    4. She has a long incission from her belt line to below her sturnom, I think this is open colostomy from what ive read?
    5. Is this procedure 7-10 day recovery normally?

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    She has an ileus, common after any bowel surgery. Activity is the best way to get it back. Sometimes it takes longer to come back. If doesn't come back soon, they can x-ray her to make sure no twist or kink or something in the bowels.

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    thank you for the replies, I am trying to understand what is happening and ease our/her anxiety...
    Information is very helpful for that...
    Thanks Monty
    (yes she still has the NG tube on suction)...

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