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Thread: Chiropractic & MS -Scam?

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    Chiropractic & MS -Scam?

    Here's a site:

    That claims that specialy trained chiropactors can help people with MS. Anyone have any experience with this?

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    I was a chiropractic student back in the early '80s. My AVM blossomed under their watch.

    SOME chiropractors think they can cure everything. They're idiots. They're certainly not scientists, or even scientifically-minded.

    The link you posted is utterly non-specific regarding the MS symptoms they claim to be able to treat. Sure, if you have musculoskeletal aches and pains resulting from your MS, or the way you manage it, they may be able to offer some palliative care. Maybe. But their professional quiver has nothing that's going to impact the progression of MS.

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    I entirely agree with Stephen's assessment.

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