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Thread: video of me walking in paralell bars/ kafo braces

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbryant22 View Post
    now when i go to pool, when i try to move my leg it jerks like crazy, like a bad wire signal? i can move it a little but then the wire goes crazy again and i kick like crazy. even just a little attempt it kicks. not sure whats going on with it. then my legs cross and lock, i have to take both arms and spread my legs back out. its like a bad wire in a car spitting and sparking the transmission.
    Maybe you're more incomplete than you thought ! Sounds like you're learning to trigger spasm activity. Nw you just have to learn to control it. That's part of what some of e aggressive rehab places like project walk and push 2walk do, I think.

    wow looking at your latest videos , what a difference ! Looks like you're really using upper back muscles to compensate for lower back and glutes. You might look into some exercises which activate and develop the mid or even lower back. See how far down you can go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinpatrick View Post
    I'm T12 complete and I totally agree with ya that balance is key to everything. Key to balance is core muscles. I have been told I Function like a lower injury or an incomplete. It's been a while since anybody did any assessment on me but my functional level improved quite a bit in the first 2 years post injury while the neurological level stayed the same. I chalk that all up to intense training, primarily on core muscles. Even if I didn't technically regain ability to control certain muscles like in my hips/glutes, I maximized the strength and control of what I WAS able to control, and just toning up those small muscles made a huge difference in the balance.

    To target those little abdominal muscles, I got rid of the weights and just did balance exercises using body weight and stuff like Swiss balls, elastic bands, just playing catch while seated on the bed provided enough instability to really activate all the core muscles. Doing balance exercises with eyes closed upped the difficulty level (and caused some bruises lol). Then I focused on not "cheating" it's amazing how easy it is to cheat without being aware of it, which makes your core lazy.
    I ve been following your posts and agree with what your saying. i too have been trying out calipers but am no way near what you have achieved. Putting them on is difficult and trying to stand straight difficult my arms tire out quickly
    T11 complete.

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    Pbrant 22
    how are you doing?
    Great progress since my last post
    i ve been practising daily
    Finally i ve done my first 1km hip hitching with leg callipers and and a walking frame.
    my physio is impressed too with timing.
    shoulders get a bit sore but i do admit it was a great work out and mental boost.
    I ve modified the callipers so i can fit them on myself. so far so good
    i'm looking forward to start using crutches, great challenge, one can easily cheat by grabbing and pulling oneself along the parallel bars for stability, any comments, on those who have tried crutches is appreciated. i do see unlocking the hip locks in order to sit down an issue with crutches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterf View Post
    Pbrant 22
    how are you doing?
    Great progress since my last post
    i ve been practising daily
    Finally i ve done my first 1km hip hitching with leg callipers and and a walking frame.
    my physio is impressed too with timing.
    shoulders get a bit sore but i do admit it was a great work out and mental boost.
    I ve modified the callipers so i can fit them on myself. so far so good
    i'm looking forward to start using crutches, great challenge, one can easily cheat by grabbing and pulling oneself along the parallel bars for stability, any comments, on those who have tried crutches is appreciated. i do see unlocking the hip locks in order to sit down an issue with crutches.
    Wow, Peter, that's amazing progress. I remember your posts for a while back and you were nowhere near this capability then. Good going! I hope you continue to get stronger and find new things that you are capable of.

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    Thank you Truly for your feedback, you too seem to be doing quite well too, hope you continue to do so.
    Just curious if Pbrant has been trying out crutches or a frame for stability.
    the latter seems to suit me well.
    i may start out with crutches quite soon but i think they will be much more difficult and tiring.

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    Been away for a while but I have been busy!! Hope everyone is doing well!! updates, updates!!

    Facebook: Phillip Bryant prayer and update page

    update from my facebook page

    Ok so here we go with another long, miss spelled, over the edge message. Sorry for the bad English, it’s been 28 years of still not understanding where in the heck a coma goes or how to spell anything! Thank God for spell check right? No! Spell check is just about the worst thing anyone could have. Kinda like our GPS’s in our cars. What’s going to happen one day when the spell check and GPS’s stop working? I guess we would actually have to learn how to get to charlotte, and actually have to learn how to spell Charlotte.

    And actually learn when to space and TAB in a message right? Someone told me the other day that they had to sit, watch, and read my long message I put on my Prayer and update page. I politely smiled and changed the subject and keep my mouth shut for God. But I just want everyone that has “liked” this Phillip Bryant Prayer and update page to know how much it has meant to me. The page explains is very well …PRAYER- something that is more important than money. UPDATE- And update on what’s going on with who the page is for (Phillip Bryant). That’s the purpose of this page. I am so humble and thankful to have 661 people out there that see this

    . A lot you know me well, I have been a sales and marketing person for many years and it’s all about the numbers. I got 661 warm bodies watching this page. So if I’m putting my heart out there, I could have an average of 60-80% actually closing their eyes and praying for me to get better. Soooo… let’s say 70% are praying that’s 463 prayers going up to God for my healing. That’s awesome! I see God smiling! Also I have 661 warm bodies keeping up with this trail that I am going through, 661 warm bodies watching how powerful God is. Therefore working on their relationship with him, So maybe somehow this can help them out a little bit if something bad pop’s up in their life

    So for all the people that are praying for me and understanding what I am going through maybe I could help them somehow, THANK YOU FROM ALL OF MY HEART! For all of the people that don’t care to read these long misspelled updates. what’s so awesome is all you have to do is go to edit “Likes” and gracefully “unlike” the Phillip Bryant Prayer and Update page. This isn’t a popularity contest, this is real life. Pray for it, learn from, laugh at it, or turn it off. That’s all your decision.

    Tab again? Ok so now that’s out of the way I am going to give an update.
    For everyone that read my last update the main thing I was explaining was that I had to trust God. I gave my walking healing to God. Therefore he knows what I need, and how bad I need it, he know how bad I want it. He has it and all he wants from me is to love, TRUST and, OBEY him. Trust that he has it now and don’t dare QUESTION it. But what we have done here on earth is not understand just how powerful he is. We pray and pray and pray for help, and we worry and worry at the same time until it gets better or completely falls apart. That’s not how God operates. GIVE IT TO HIM! Give it to him, and say THANK YOU! If you catch yourself worrying, Stop and apologize and move on. This is what I experienced when I started feeling so good about what was going on in my legs, and I got on the wonderful web and read nothing but horrible things. I broke my trust with God the second I got on the web and started with the questioning. I gave it to God, and how dare I question him. It taught me a very important lesson. He wants 100% of me and I promise you, God is a jealous God. He wants my heart and my trust. God owns this earth! He controls what happens over anything. Therefore why would I trust anything else? Maybe,I should listen to the doctor that said I would never walk again? The web sites that tell me I will never walk again? Well I think I’m going to stick with the one that knows my heart inside out, created me, LOVES ME more than any person on earth could ever!

    So after the whole questioning God stuff happened, I GOT IT! Well when you take one step closer to God the other side try’s to yank you back. That’s how it works. I have been waiting to get approved for a set of braces for my legs for over 4 months. The braces are $6000.00 dollars and if they don’t get approved, Phillip ‘s not getting them. Our minds are very, very EARTHLY. Meaning it’s hard to just trust that God can take care of business. I wake up a few days ago and start to think about them braces. I haven’t heard from the company in over 2 months. That EARTHLY mind goes to work. “Well they probably didn’t even get them ordered! Probably sitting behind some body’s desk! These companies! I’m sure I won’t get approved by insurance! “I grab that phone thinking I better find out what’s happening! Start to dial and the Holy Spirit is in my head. I thought you gave it to God? God owns that company, God owns that desk the paper is on, that worker, that brace. Where’s your trust at Phillip? I thought you gave it to God? You have a lot of other things to be focused on.

    I cut that phone off quick and I get out the bed and my best friend comes over and we get to work. Bryce Rauhe has been in this house every second he can, to get me back up and running. That’s a real BROTHER. I was thinking about it the other day, my boy deserves the credit for me walking over Miami Project any day of the week! Me and him are learning as a team. He is my heart, he always has been. Don’t you think God has something to do with Bryce working his butt off to get me walking? God’s getting me healed right? Bryce comes in the door and sits down and says we need have a talk. He says that his wedding is going to be June 23rd, and it’s going to be on the beach, and I’m his best man. First he is looking at the wheel chair and is figuring out how in the world we are going to get it on the beach, etc… I say no way will I DARE be the best man in your wedding in a wheel chair on a beach. I say” Bryce that’s your wife’s day! I would never be sitting out there in a 5 foot wide “Beach wheel chair” and take away from everyone watching that pretty girl walk down the aisle. That’s not fair to you and her.” I looked at him and smiled and said “Booker T, I was in no major hurry to get back on my feet, it really didn’t matter if it was a week or a year. But now it looks like we got a date to work to. “We can handle this Bryce” we just got work to do. As I did for every land sale for the last 10 years. There isn’t going to be no “well, you could do it in a wheel chair, It will be alright” NO I AM STANDING BESIDE MY BOY ON JUNE 23rd! when you set a goal you set it. It made me instantly remember my team in the land business. Mueller, Hoven , Kevin , BP, Hitch, Gino, Megan, April, ya’ll remember when we went to war don’t you? We had a sale date and we were looking at tons of dirt in sales on that day, and every single day we were building up to that date! not “selling out” on that day was not an option, we went to work with our heads down. I remember those 15 hour, 7 day a week runs before the launch. That’s what taught me how to GO! Not standing on that day IS NOT AN OPTION! Thank you Clifford ,Mueller! Don’t thank God didn’t have anything to with what you taught me for this Trail right now! Bryce Rauhe knows all about a sale date, he was right there by my side before “Sale date” all my Timberline and H&H Land crew knows my heart when it comes to game day. Ya’ll didn’t think I was going to roll off in a cave and give up somewhere did you? Come on ya’ll “coffee is for closers” As Lyn Weaver would sing in my office “if you’re going through hell, keep on moving.” Murray, Allison ,Jason, jessica, Mary jean, Lindsay P, Craig Its def a date on the board now! And I need my team’s heart praying for me hard.

    Bryce and I sit there and get the game plan together that day. We are walking in the walker in my house and I’m telling Bryce “Boy this sandy beach feels GREAT! “ We go to the gym and get to work. I get home that afternoon and I’m beat! I get in the bed for a nap and the phone rings. So I get up and see the caller ID “Precision Orthotics” I answer the phone,Sam says, alright boy get your tape measure and measure your calf muscles, we just got the approval for your braces I’m sending off for them to get made today. I get off the phone and a tear comes to my eye and I smile. I say “God, I have never been so in love like this before in my life! I love you with all of heart and I thank you! Thank you for letting me experience how loving and powerful you are.” And all I had to do was Trust you. WOW! All the wasteful time we spend worrying here on earth! When we have God just dying for us to let him in. And he just wants our love. But we Humans want everyone else’s love but him.

    Trust me it’s taken 28 years to “Get it.” I have never been more excited where he is taking me in my life! It reminds me of when I was a little boy, and my Daddy would put me out in the woods and dogs were running a deer HARD my way! I would sit there so excited! It felt like there were right on top of me, about to run over me, not knowing where that deer was about to pop out! Eyes everywhere, shaking, goose bumps from head to toe, dogs coming hard as ever, those barks getting louder and louder echoing. My heart going 100 miles an hour! Well Daddy, I got them goose bumps again! Don’t know where Gods taking me but boy I feel him! That’s what where here for! Don’t ever get it twisted! You have to get money to pay bills, etc.. But don’t make it life! Life is love and fun! We are just here for a little while then we really GO HOME. My prayer a few months ago was “God, please heal me so I can heal others.” Now I see that and it doesn’t make any since at all! I don’t have to be walking to heal anybody! All I needed was to reprogram my heart and he is def working on that hard! My prayer now is “Please God heal me so I can put my little sweetheart in the truck, drive out to the woods and walk her to our secret fishing hole and show her how catch a fish and be a country girl. Please God heal me so I can stand beside my boy in his wedding. If you pray for that for me my heart goes out to you! GAME DAY JUNE 23RD!!
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