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Thread: question about taking neurontin with brain thrombus

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    question about taking neurontin with brain thrombus

    Following up on my boyfriends situation (C5 burst with vertebral artey dissect/thrombus) today he was prescribed neurontin 3X day.

    Since I have had no experience or knowlegde of this medication, I am hoping it will be safe for the arterial thrombus situation. It is, I understand, an anti convulsive drug and it does somehow work for neuropathic pain.

    Does anyone here have any feedback or input regarding the safety of taking neurontin with a high-risk brain blood clot ?

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    There are no known relationships between worsening of blood clots with Neurontin, nor interactions with Coumadin. What dose of Neurontin is he taking? We usually start slow (300 mg. daily) and work up gradually (increasing the dose every 3-4 days) to as much as 4500 mg. daily or to the level that gets the pain to a management level. It does not make the pain go away completely.


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    Thank you for clearing the statement about Neurotin, althought my dr. explained my concerns about the med. I did not understand fully until now.

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