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Thread: Rigin manual chairs and ezlock brackets

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    Rigin manual chairs and ezlock brackets

    I'm in need of a new rigid frame manual chair that I can drive from and put an ezlock bracket on. I like many of new chairs available today but the lock down companies, to my knoweledge, only make the bracket that attaches to chairs with lower rails on them. This eliminates 99% of the manual chairs made with today's technology.

    Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated!
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    I hadda build my own.
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    What kind of chair do you have? Could you send pics of the one you made? Thanks

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    There are a couple of pics on here of EZ lock setups. If you look on the very first picture of my gallery you will see the bracket I made for my truck. It slides just over my footplate to keep my chair from tipping backwards. I may still put a hook on the end to keep my chair from sliding back. Haven't figured out how exactly I want to do that part yet.

    For my van I am going to use my dock-n-lock and weld a loop on the bottom of my footplate and just lock into it that way.
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