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Thread: We just had an Earthquake

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    Yes! Yes, I felt it!

    I felt it! My wheelchair shook, and I felt the damn earthquake sitting in my backyard here in Huntington, Long Island!

    Actually, I wined to my caregiver (sitting behind me on a garden chair, with his feet extended on the back of mine) to please stop shaking my chair, since he's known for often annoying me like that. Only when he stood before me did I realize that,l shite, here I'm missing yet another piece of fun cuz of this sci, "the big quake of 2011".

    Otherwise, nothing ever happens on my block.

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    it's funny i just got to the table to eat lunch and my dogs started to bark yelled at them to stop that nobody was here then my chair and house started to shake and then it got real shaky fast. couple pics fell and other things sitting close to the edges of tables. first earthquake i have ever felt. i don't know how people in cali do it.
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    Wow...glad to hear everyone is ok though.

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    Dang, everybody gets quakes but us. All we ever get is tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and mosquitoes. We are glad everyone is safe.
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    Just a sunny warm day here in MN-geez you guys! Sounds like everyone is OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marycsm77 View Post
    Seeing it on the news now larry, based in virgina, felt in NYC upt to Mass. I was sitting on the bed and it starting bouncing a bit and couldn't figure it out. i logged on here and saw your post, then turned the news on.
    I was also lying down and I thought my dog was jumping on and off the bed a couple times, no dog in sight, I thought it was creepy, then I heard about the earthquake and it all made sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyMack View Post
    I was also lying down and I thought my dog was jumping on and off the bed a couple times, no dog in sight, I thought it was creepy, then I heard about the earthquake and it all made sense.
    yeah jimmy it was kinda creepy but kinda interesting too. I lived in CA for a few years as a kid and have a vague recollection. The quakes totally creeped my mom out so we moved back to the east coast. Hopefully we wont be experiencing anymore or anything worse for a long time? yikes.

    now we can look forward to the storm headed up the coast this weekend, right? gawd...

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    This was my second and we were in a panic for a few minutes....

    I felt a tiny one in Arizona but this was huge compared to that one. The lamp fell over in the bedroom.

    The look on Larry's face was priceless though.

    I was scared to death.
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    I was at work in central North Carolina and we felt it. At first I was the only one who felt it and everybody accused me of being dizzy! Then when they felt it they changed their tune. As I said on Facebook...I am not fond of earthquakes! !

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    Felt it here in NC 25 miles north of Charlotte. they felt it too...My wife and I looked at each other like...Is this really happening. I have never had my house move like that...Do not really want it to do it again...

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