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Thread: Finally married!

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    Finally married!

    Things have quieted down a bit just in time for my new husband to have to start his school year. We are not doing anything next summer! 2 summers ago we bought a house, last summer I was paralyzed and in rehab, and this summer a wedding under the public eye. It really was a dream wedding. Was only not so during the reception when I wanted to get up and dance! But it was so fun and amazing followed by a honeymoon to Fiji! Also, the day of the wedding I had no blood pressure issues and a very low pain level. Thank god! Didn't want to pass out during the vows!

    Thank you to all who have supported me for my first year of injury and answered my questions!

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    Congratulations! I saw the recent interview w/ you and your husband on the Today show, post wedding & honeymoon. You both have great attitudes and a lot of class.

    Wishing you both a long happy marriage!
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    You did a fine media job!!

    Enjoy your downtime!
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    I saw your interview, your great! Congratulations!

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    Incomplete T-12/L-1

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    Wishing you two the happiness my wife and I have for the past 45+ years. Congratulations!
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    Wishing you and your husband all of the best!

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