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Thread: Fes bike for sale rt300

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    Fes bike for sale rt300

    Still under warranty.. It has 3-6 months electrode pad supplies.. Let me figure how to upload pics..

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    Do you have a price in mind?

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    Would be glad if we could see some pics!

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    May I know how much you would like to ask for it? Thank you.

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    Can u post a quote for price? Will You ship?

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    I apologize everyone. I been going through a lot and had so much going on.
    Mom cancer
    Was in the hospital for kidney infection.
    Broke in my apt while in hospital never robbed in the hood, as soon as I pay over $600 victim..

    Still for sale
    Exc condition
    Returning PMS

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    Camera stole. Thx Brooke for renters ins advice but I forgot address change...pic. post/?

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    Is the machine still available? If so, please reply with details. I'll be purchasing one in the next 10 days. Thanks.

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    Yes it is still for sale

    No dents, bangs or bruises. It has 3-6 months of FES Supplies.. It's perfect I had it.
    Anymore questions just ask...

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    Still for sale..

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