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Thread: Fes bike for sale rt300

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    Rt 300

    What price are you looking for?

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    RT300 Still for sale

    Here's a picture..
    I can be emailed at which I checked all the time..

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    Bump for a sale.. Moving!!!

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    Could you PM me price? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADPRODUCER View Post
    Bump for a sale.. Moving!!!
    Hi Stranger,
    Wow long time no see here on Care Cure. Did you ever get your KAFO leg braces? If so how are you getting along with them and do you wear them daily? If so are you able to walk in them? Hope your doing well.

    Where are you moving to and may I ask why your moving? Hope you don't mind me asking. Hope the move goes well for you w/o a hitch.


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    Can you post a price?
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    I have drop the price on the bike. $9300

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    Can you post video?

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