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Thread: Has anyone ever stayed at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA?

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    Cool Has anyone ever stayed at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA?

    We are planning a weekend in Monterey, CA and are thinking about making reservations at rhe Embassy Suites in Seaside. If anyone has stayed there is the accessability and service? Also, are there other hotels in the area you would reccomend??


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    Two years ago, stayed at this hotel. Made reservation for a wheelchair accessible "suite." Got to the hotel before we could check in to a room. The hotel stored our luggage and said the room (confirmed that it would be wheelchair accessible) would be ready when we returned after our day out and dinner.

    Returned to the hotel about 8:00PM. They took us to the room, it was wheelchair accessible (as I recall Embassy Suites has a "cookbook" approach to the design of the room, once you have seen one, you have seen them all. It was adequate. BIG PROBLEM: The last guests to use the room smoked in the room, it was a non-smoking room. It reeked!!! We walked in and walked out and we reeked!!! Our luggage had been delivered to the room and probably spent a couple hours or so in the room and it reeked!!! Didn't the cleaning staff smell the room when they cleaned???

    At 8:00PM, no other wheelchair access rooms available. We were lucky that there was something else available at all. They "comped" the night. But, what would have we done if another room was not available??? NL was ready to drive back home to the San Francisco East Bay, no matter what the time. But we had our nephew with us and we didn't want to spoil his fun.
    We managed, barely, but it was not a fun experience for us. After two years, I would have to start my search for another wheelchair accessible hotel again. Don't have any recommendations.

    You'll have a great time in Monterey if you find good accommodations.

    All the best,

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