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Thread: Who Plans to Attend Working 2 Walk 2011 ?

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    jsilver, you are too "junior" for suffering Wise-Young syndrom; if posts#165,159 you consider as not deserving of reply, explain why you have assessed them as a worthless,- even such commentary would be productive.

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    Dear Kivi66,

    Both of these queries were beyond my ability to speculate. I had no answers to either 165 or 159 and had I speculated it would have been just that. I don't like to speculate wildly. I also notice that you were one of the very first people to question why there was a lack of pre-clinical studies using the combination that is going to the clinic. I think that was a perfectly legitimate concern. It was not nonsense. Indeed, well done.

    Dr.Wise,I've already said this but I repeat:take a pig,paralyse it by damaging spinal cord,wait a month,restore it's spinal cord function-and you may replicate your therapy to humans.It can't cost too much,you don't need all this "crazy traveling" and it may be done in your lab.May be I completely ignorant and what I propose is nonsense so,please,correct me.

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    Is not a Dr.Young syndrome kivi66, sorry to burst your little bubble
    Im only trying to bring to CareCure some useful debate, making Dr.Silver answer me in more specific ways. I think is the first time that another researcher/doc elaborates a critic about trials of China SCInet and their procedure, and is very healthy for the community in my book. Don´t you think?
    Now, people have new questions to talk with Dr.Young in the W2W, the issue of the thread.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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    I just find it very depressing that the ChinaSCINet trials won't work - where for us next?

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    Dear Christopher,

    Don't despair. There are several strategies already available that can target chronic SCI even up to one full year after injury.

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    Or 29 years after injury? What potential strategies are there for walking, if any, given that you feel cord blood and lithium may prove ineffective? My injury is T7 complete

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    What we, the people with sci, need is the theory applied practically in humans, not just forever held up in the laboratory.

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    Amigo Isildur, your perfect English is too exquisite for me and beyond my comprehension; please, set forth this your masterpiece:"Is not a Dr.Young syndrome kivi66, sorry to burst your little bubble" in some more simple words. And what are you praying for? Saying the truth I dislike religion (any) and the ones covering with it their pettiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isildur View Post
    Humans always will be used to test treatments (you can´t aprove a treatment based only in animal data), and there is always a risk. And Umbilical Cord Blood Cells have enough research behind to start a clinical trial in humans. There are works even in dogs,

    I think I got lost back at the Korean sci dog papers (specifically being given "balloon compressions" and injected at one week "acute").

    Were they cited to show that treatments for humans cannot be based on animal data? Do humans have balloon compressions?

    Or were these cited to show there was enough research already done in order to start a clinical trial in humans regardless?

    I've never seen so many papers where balloon compressions were given in order to replicate a human spinal cord injury. Is this how they replicate all sci injuries in the Korean labs? Do they see any difference in a complete or incomplete injury? Or, is paralyzed just paralyzed in their playbook?
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    Well, are only fast examples of using UCBCs in dogs. I don´t know how their ballon-compresion model works, Im only interested in the effect of cells, because even transection model is useless for many of us.
    If you want to know the better answer to your cuestions about pre-clinical animal data, go to the original source, aka Mr.Young. Surely they have more info and documentation about the issue.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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