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Thread: ? Dr. YOUNG, on seven day old injury.

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    ? Dr. YOUNG, on seven day old injury.

    Dr. Young, a family friend has just broke his neck C6, it happened seven days ago.What were the countries and treatments they were doing on new injuries and what were the time limits they had to be done in? Wasn,t one of the places in Israel? Please can you let me have the info, many thanks.

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    Kimg, You're referring to the macrophage procedure. Go to or call Dr. Daniel Lammertse at Craig Hospital - # 303-789-8000.

    Good luck.

    Let us know how you make out and how else we can help.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Purdue University also has a clinical trial involving alternating electric currents to regenerate the spinal cord.

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    kimg, contact Dr. Henrich Cheng in Taiwan, and speak to his English-speaking secretary, Jennifer: 886-2-28712121 ext 3257.

    Why? When I was there this January, not only Dr. Cheng but several of his associates emphatically stated that his procedure works best in acute/recent injuries; we heard stories of patients recieving his procedure within the first few weeks post-injury, and many regained function relatively soon; one man, c-6 complete, after his surgery, walked out of the hospital. Cheng was very confident he could help in acute cases. I believe it is worth a call, immediately.


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