I'm starting the process of getting a new chair, and I want a tilite ZR. Tilite shows 2 dealers in my area. One of them I worked with on my last chair five years ago, but I was out of state and my folks did most of the back and forth. They report that the DME was very effective in getting insurance to cover costs. Now that I'm in state and going through the process again, I've spoken to this DME and their sales guy, and I really don't care for him at all. My folks and I agree he's extremely rude and disinterested. Aside from that though, if he knows what he's doing and the billing department is on top of their game, maybe his attitude won't be a factor.

Here's my question, how common is it to shop around at DME's? Should I go through the whole process with this DME and the other one? How do I evaluate who is likely to work hard to save me money on the final bill? I hate to make people work for things they won't get paid for, so I'm just not sure what's proper. Any advice or experiences welcome. Thanks!