I had a sleep-walking accident in 2007 resulting in a severed?? spinal cord at T11/12. I was classified as Asia A and have no sensory or motor function below my navel. After a few months I started having neuropathic pain and after about a year I started having spasms in my legs. I recently had an MRI scan on my lower back due to increased neuropathic and lower back pain and they found I have a syrinx and annular bulging (I've discussed this on the Pain forum). I have booked in to see a neurologist about the syrinx, but was hoping to find out if the information I have is enough, or if there is anything else I can do to find out if my injury is confined to my spinal cord or if I have also caused damage to my conus. Following is the report from my recent MRI scan:

MRI Report (30 Aug 2011)
INDICATION: T12/L1 paraplegia secondary to fracture in 2007. Increasing leg and back pain? syrinx.

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal T1 & T2 and axial T2.

FINDINGS: There is mild metalware artefact related to T11/12 fusion with transpedicular screws, posterior spinal rods and bone grafting. Previous T12 compression fracture is noted, there is a mild scoliosis convex to the right, thoracolumbar alignment is otherwise maintained.

There is increased T2 signal and expansion of the cord beginning at T9/1 0 terminating at T12/L1 just proximal to the tip of the conus consistent with a syrinx, this has a maximal AP diameter of 10mm at both T11 and T12. The remainder of the visualised thoracic cord is of normal size and signal intensity. There is no focal constriction of the thecal sac.

In the visualised thoracic spine, there is no focal disc protrusion although detail is reduced at T11 /12 due to metallic artefact. Central canal and neuroforamina are patent.

In the lumbar spine, the thoracolumbar and upper three lumbar discs are normal. There is an early diffuse annular bulge at L4/5, and a mild diffuse annular bulge at L5/S1. The central canal and neural foramina are patent.

IMPRESSION: Distal thoracic syrinx from T9/10 to T12/L1 with a maximal AP diameter of 10mm. No focal disc protrusion.

Any help you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.