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Thread: c6 inc 6month post recovery

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    c6 inc 6month post recovery

    hi everyone
    im a c6 incomplete 6 months post
    my fiance and i have been keeping this timeline and i thaught id share it and get some feedback on different things i could be doing.

    feb 19th- burst fracture to my c6, chipped c5, c1, a few other fractures
    june 10th- for the first time in 4 months i moved the toes on my right foot. they fatigued really quick.
    june 12th- i moved the last 3 toes on my left foot, mainly the smallest one though and not as much as my other foot.
    june 23rd- i had an operation to temporarily restore my voice. my left vocal cord is paralyzed.
    july 5th- morning i was sitting on the couch and my dog crash jumped on my lap and i felt his hair touching me. i gained a patch of sensation on the left side of my stomach
    july 10th- while in therapy laying on my side with my leg on a board with wheels ontop of a smooth table so there is minimal friction my therapist said there was possible hamstring movement in my right leg.
    july 24th- just sitting in my chair staring at my legs trying to move everything possible like usual but this time i noticed my left hamstring moving a little bit
    july 31st- while pushing my chair i could suddenly feel my shirt touching the right side of my stomach just like i could on the left

    i recently just started to be able to flex my abs from my belly button down.

    i just had a strength test the other day
    on my right leg my hamstrings, hip felxors, hip abduction, quad and toe flexion scored 1+ with trace movement on 5 other muscles
    on my left leg my hamstrings, and hip abduction scored 1 with trace movement to 3 other muscles

    what can i do to get the most out of the movement i have? i spend alot of time on here doing searches and have learned so much but have trouble finding exercises that are doable and help when your movement is still weak

    thanks for reading
    Cody Wills

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    Welcome Cody, Interesting log, way to go.

    I take it you are out of rehab. If it were me, I'd try to find a FES bike to ride. You could check to find out if your local hosp. has one or where ever. I use one at my local hosp..

    How much are you standing? Are you standing on your own or what? How's your hand function.

    It sounds like you are really getting some positive results. you are really recent, so now is the time you should really be pushing it. For home use, aperson can't beat buying rubber cords and bands of various strengths. Tie them high and tie them low. Tie them to your legs. Get inventive, any exercize you do will be beneficial.

    What resources do you have available. Gym, rehab, insurance? Once we get a better idea I trust we can get more specific.

    Congrats. on your success. It must really help motivate you even more to maximize what you have left.

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    At six months post I finally went to a PT and hour away. Only go once or twice a week. But it is great. The new PT set me set up with exercises that fit the muscles that I have to work with. I have to say that there a lot of PTs that are not so hot. If you can find a spine specialist that has your best interested at heart, they can set you up with what you need. Then its up to you to be very disciplined and do the work. I thought that I could do it on my own, but started to flounder around. If you have a set of exercises to follow, it helps a lot.
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    i go to out patient therapy - pt 3 45min sessions a week and ot 1-2 45min sessions a week
    for pt we vary between doing e-stim and the standing frame
    for ot different hand exercises. my hands have improved alot i now have at most 35lbs of grip in my left hand and 7 in my right.
    my therapists are not very sci smart. when i started around 3 months post my main pt told that that with her experience since i didnt have any movement yet that i would never get any. and after she did my strength test she said that she was shocked and my motivation amazes her

    at home i use a x-factor resistance band door system, sunny health and fitness motorized pedal machine,
    for floor exercises i lay on my back holding onto weights to do situps but can only pull myself about half way up. then on my stomach i go from a pushup position back onto my hands and knees as far as i can until my butt almost touches my feet then back down to a pushup position. i do 100 reps of each of those every other day. on my pedal machine i strap my feet into it and it makes them do the pedalling motion. i do this for an hour everyday which usually ends up aroun 1000-1200 rotations. on my x-factor that is all for upper body which is getting allot better but not to where i was before my wreck yet. i also slide forward in my chair and put my feet on the ground and can pull my chair forward 6inches.

    my insurance is trying to get me a fes bike but they have never had my ins company cover one (upmc for you). and i havent been able to find any around my area (harrisburg PA)
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    just work those "twitches" em till failure/fatigue...hopefully they will gain strength and a stronger signal....its the most frustrating thing to do, but do it...your only 6 months too, so things can come back....stay in tune with your body, work everything u can.....
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