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Thread: Quickie Xtender power-assist wheels - full set

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    Quickie Xtender power-assist wheels - full set

    I have 2 sets of Quickie Xtender power-assist wheels for sale. Each set includes a working battery and charger. The batteries are used so I can not guarantee exactly how long they will last, but all lights light up currently after charging. Will sell each for $950. The chairs are also for sale as well, or the necessary Xtender quick-release axle brackets that can be added to convert most manual chairs to use both Xtender and normal manuals interchangeably.

    If interested in buying the chairs as well in the pics below, please email me and I'll send more detailed photos and measurements. Both are in excellent condition. They are:

    1. Quickie GTX - folding frame, red-blue pattern
    2. Quickie 2 - folding frame, dark metallic turquoise

    Thanks, LL

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    Xtender wheels

    I just stumbled on this site and saw that in 2011 you had two pair of Xtender Power Assist wheels for sale. I would be very interested in buying two such wheels. I already have a Quickee chair with the Xtenders but I am now looking for backup wheels. Thanks. carl

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