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Thread: Worse pain with hot weather

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    Worse pain with hot weather

    Why does the hot weather make neuro pain worse? My pain always gets worse with rainy weather & sometimes with really cold weather but this is the first summer that my pain is SO bad. Granted I live in Texas & we've had a streak of 100+ degree weather. We're also in a drought so it's really dry. Has anyone else noticed a connection between hot hot weather & terrible pain? With me, the pain is really similar to how it gets with rain--terrible burning and jolting pain. It never seems to ease up! Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I'm sick of it!!

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    yea i have noticed it this year as well. the last few years only the cold and damp weather was a problem now it's the heat to. if it's not one thing it's another.
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    The heat always makes my pain and weakness worse, but this year has been hell on wheels for both - even though we invested in air conditioning and I don't go out that much. In addition to the heat, the air quality has been poor and it feels especially oppressive and heavy, as if there isn't much oxygen in it. I don't even live in a particularly polluted area of the country - I really feel for those who live in cities and in areas where the heat has been in the triple digits, and where fires have been raging.

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    Sorry to hear this happens to other people too. The part I really don't understand is that I'm not out in the heat yet my pain is terrible. Why is that? It seems like I should be OK since I'm inside in A/C all the time! Do high temperatures do something to the barometric pressure like storms do? Maybe I should look that up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillis View Post
    The part I really don't understand is that I'm not out in the heat yet my pain is terrible. Why is that? It seems like I should be OK since I'm inside in A/C all the time! Do high temperatures do something to the barometric pressure like storms do?
    I don't know the answer, but it's the same for me. I only venture out early in the morning before the temp gets too high, yet my body just seems to know it's high summer. Barometric pressure sounds like a distinct possibility.

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    I read a little bit about barometric pressure & it said that high temperatures = low pressure. When it rains, the pressure is low too. There was a study done on rats that measured pain & barometric pressure & it showed that a drop in pressure = pain. So I guess whatever happens to us with rain/storms is the same thing that's happening to us with high temperatures. Great news since I live in Texas!!! My theory is that my pain is super bad this summer due to the extremely HIGH temperatures for such an extended period. Doesn't change my misery but it sort of helps mentally to know why it's so bad.

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    Right, it's always a help to have some idea about why these weird things happen. I know that Texas has just been awful this year, weatherwise, and barometric pressure makes a lot of sense as a contributor to the pain picture.

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    I have never had pain like I had the summer I spent in Arizona. Even though it was a dry heat....I had a horrible increase. But mine could be aging related as I am 23 years post. I have always believed barometric pressure played a huge part in my pain levels. My central/neuropathic pain is worsening with age also. A dry climate with few storms was the best I ever felt....Southwest Colorado. The snowy winters did not bother me and I took very little pain meds in the 2+ years I lived/worked there.

    There are days when I cannot concentrate and they are more frequent here in Virginia but usually associated with stormy weather.
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    When temp is extreme I have more trouble as in trying to get around. Body seems much heavier. Makes it touch when you have no stamina on a good day. One doctor told me my blood vessels were not dilating and letting the blood pump out to my skin and cool properly. That was in reply to me telling him that my knee areas felt like they were building pressure from within.

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    I feel like there is definite link with barometric pressure and pain levels.
    Has anyone got themselves a barometer and tried to predict or at least contrast the changes in pressure with their pain levels?.

    I've been looking at a couple of barometers that store the previous 7 days measurements as a way to at least see when the changes in pressure occurred. Anyone else go this route and have any recommendation or tips when looking at barometers????

    Also been wondering if there is any correlation between pain and phases of the moon.... yeah grasping at straws. Just trying to see if there is anyway I can predict when my pain levels are going to rise.

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