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Thread: Implant, Humans Next

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    Implant, Humans Next

    A biopolymer scaffold implant from InVivo Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA) could hold the key to preventing paralysis in a procedure that takes only 15 minutes.The scaffold has been successful in rats and even brought paralyzed monkeys back to movement. Last month the company submitted an investigational device exemption to FDA to initiate a human study, which could begin by Q1 2012.
    Looks like this may be useful for acute injuries. More info here:

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    good news!!hope it success!

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    Reynolds is hoping for FDA approval by the end of next year or early 2013.
    I'm assuming he means FDA approval to put the treatment on
    the market. That'd be amazing.

    Yes, I know it's for acutes. But Reynolds also has plans to treat

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