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Thread: Calling All Pepsi Drinkers!

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    Calling All Pepsi Drinkers!

    NextSteps Chicago has signed up for the August Pepsi Refresh Project Challenge in the $25,000 category. They are hoping to be awarded the money to pay for a new FES bike and help sponsor clients who need financial aid. They are currently in 19th place, with the top 15 receiving the monetary prize. Voting is really simple and this will have a great impact on an extraordinary place!

    1. Sign up at

    2. After you sign up you can vote once per day until the end of the month (end of August)

    3. Pepsi and diet Pepsi bottle caps can be used to maximize the voting
    Check this out under POWERVOTES. This is the best way to make your vote count as your vote count will multiply up to 100x per day!!!

    I hope you chose to help out.

    Don't wish for it, work for it.

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    Thanks Kate, done.
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