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Thread: Telepathy - it works or maybe not?

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    Telepathy - it works or maybe not?

    I am Neurology student , today I get email from one person that can use telepathy.
    Is it possible that telepathy works on the distance of few kilometer?
    I can not find any document on any existing person today that can use telepathy
    but I found Vinko Rajic and Uri Geller and they are talking that they can use telepathy.
    Why they do not make research on it? Many Schizophrenic are coming with similar story.
    Can it be that some Schizophrenics are just receiving from some other head?
    James Randi offer 1000000$ for evidence, but Vinko and Uri can use telepathy or maybe NOT?

    There is not scientific evidence for telepathy. Whay this telepathy madnes?
    At Edinburgh University, experts conducted controlled experiments to see if telepathy is possible.
    Vinko maybe can give evidence for it but why they do not make an experiment with Vinko or Uri Geller?

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    I found one very good video on Vinko's telepathy : , I found one video in which Stanford lab have confirmed Uri's telepathy.

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    LMAO! Best laugh of the week rdf!
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    If telepathy works, why did they need to send you an e-mail?
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    I want to be a apart of this research. I can't be sure that I am in fact telepatic, but there are certain signs that tell me I am. If you would let me prove it along with your team I would be forever grateful. If this is in fact true I know the exact reason why there has been no research done on it and why. Its time, and im ready to be apart of an experiment where I know for a fact I am apart of one..

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    The amazing Randi is offering a cool million to prove it. He has been offering it for over 20 years. No one has claimed it.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    If you've been married long enough, you know that telepathy is real!
    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
    - Albert Einstein

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    If telepathy worked, we'd all be Professor X by now!

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    My 5th grade teacher believed in telepathy. She used to have the class "practice" it regularly. She used to have a child go out of the room, and then she would tell the class.... "Everyone think about the same shape..... a circle...... and when Johnny comes back in the room..... tell him "circle" with your mind." John would come back in. And he would try to guess the shape we were thinking.

    Yes, our tax dollars paid for this. I kid you not.

    Even at the age of 9, I knew this was absurd, but very amusing.

    I was a little mischievous... so I started "practicing" my own telepathy skills with my friend. Someone would tell her (secretly) a color, and she would try to communicate the color to me - "telepathically". In reality, we developed a little code where she would actually tell me the color. If it was brown she would adjust her hair before she started staring at me.... If it was green she would blink her eyes twice, yellow - blink once, blue - touch her pants, red - touch her shirt etc... etc... We practiced until her gestures were subtle, my appearance looked appropriate (I usually closed my eyes once I knew the color to appear more focused/concentrated), and our delivery was effective.

    So, we go to Miss B the next day and I tell her I had been practicing my telepathy and I am getting better and better. She brings us up to the front of the room, and we have a long demonstration in front of the class - getting colors right nearly 10 times in a row. Miss B practically has a seizure right then and there..... Excited, she goes running down the hallway to gather the other 5th grade teachers to come watch.

    And then I start to feel very guilty.... I quickly call her back, and out of earshot of the class, I admit what we did. I really didn't want to humiliate her in front of her colleagues. I think I added on, "I didn't think you REALLY believed in this stuff, and it was just for fun anyway, right....?" She never thought the same of me.

    I still feel a little sorry for her. But I can't believe it took a 9 year old to make her question telepathy....

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