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Thread: Essential Exercise Equipment?

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    Essential Exercise Equipment?

    I recently opened up my facility so that SCI's could use the gym equipment at no charge. I'm looking to purchase a few additional pieces of equipment that is accessible or relatively accessible, so that those who use the free gym can utilize them without much difficulty. I'd like to get some suggestions on "essential" pieces of equipment, that someone with an SCI would like to see in a gym. Thanks!

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    Scifit upper body ergometer or Krankcycle is probably one of the most important piece you can put in there. It'll work cardio bigtime, maximize the shoulder and lower core muscle groups. I like the Scifit in that it has a more positive drive system and the cranks are adjustable. Retail price for a Krankcycle is around 2 grand, the Scifit is more expensive but, imo, is worth it. In the gyms I've been too, in order to work my cardio, I would have to get out of my chair, sit on the floor and push or crank the steppers and leg ergometers with my hands. Was kind of embarrassing but the members never had a problem with that I know of.

    A Vitaglide, hard to find one, is a reciprocal upperbody workout. Again it works the cardio and the back in ways we have a hard time reaching with conventional equipment. The commercial model comes with a sliding seat for those that can transfer or abled bodied. Those with single arm use only, can work their other arm as the two handles are connected. commercial model around 1400 I think.

    The Powerfit 3000 is an oar shaped shoulder pressdown machine. This works the shoulder and roators bigtime. Transferring and shoulder strength is one of the more important functions we need. Again, this can be used single handed or double. Retail around a grand.

    I use rubber cords and bands extensively at my gym. I use the Smith machine for a tie off point because I can lower and raise the bar for proper form and function.

    Having a trainer available with the abiity to think outside the box to assist, if needed. If a person can't hold up their arms independently, with a little assistance, the exercise can be accomplished properly.

    A clear path to enter the machines you have there already. I transfer or sit in my chair and work them. The major problem with the regular equipment is the seat doesn't lift off to allow a wheelchair to get closer. Those that a person can lift off is great but the post it goes in needs to be lower.

    Any thing you buy for those with challenges will be an added benefit to the general population. Those with recent surgeries, or wanting to work cardio and strength in a different way will be able to maximize their potential safely. The worst thing you are going to do is make more money and make your community that much more healthy.

    Thankyou for considering doing this. It is so frustrating going to a gym for many years, using the equipment that is tough to use and then see them buy another tanning booth rather than something we all could use. I'd drive an extra distance knowing there's a gym that is interested in maximizing my potential with equipment that is accessible too me.

    Rubber cords

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