Hello I do not know if I belong here, but I am hoping someone can offer some insight.

Two years ago I was visiting a local small store, it was raining and i was wearing flip flops. Their back steps, which consist of about five steps, had no tread and were old and warped. The steps themselves were painted shiny green and pointed out and down causing a slippery surface. My foot hit the top step and wiped me out to the ground. I got up, embarrassed although hurt, and went to my car. Within a half hour my spine was swollen to the point where it stuck out against my shirt and i could no longer stand or lay. I had a scrape from point of impact all the way to my butt which was purple and bruised.
My mother drove me to the hospital where xrays were performed, but as soon as they heard that I lacked insurance I became their least cared for patient.
I explained that I was feeling slight numbness and tingling, I couldn't lift anything and could not stand up unless forced and held into a standing position.
The doctor said my xrays were fine, I bruised my spinal cord and that because I work at a daycare I was to be off of work for a day.
I was off of work for a week and was in more pain but was told to see my doctor, not return to the er unless I could no longer move. I went to see my family physician who said I had an issue and was in the middle of telling me that he was giving me meds for inflammation when I asked if I could get on the $4 deal -he then said something about me not being insured along with "oh you don't need a working excuse, return to.your duties. the more activity the less swelling" even though I could not stand up straight for almost four weeks, I could not lift anything, squat, or lay on my back because it hurt and was swollen.

I probably should have sought more help, but being uninsured I really couldn't afford it and felt the er was correct in their diagnosis.
Sadly this past march I was walking home from work when I felt this horrible sensation in my back, it lasted into the next day then progressed into more pain and the loss of being able to band again or twist. I went to a chiropractor who took xrays and and came in showing me I had completely broke t1 and t2 in half..but because they didn't separate I was lucky. He stressed it was a significant injury and that I would have problems forever. Because of this injury my spine (from t1 and up) had twisted to the left while the remainder was sitting normally. He gave me exercises and I've been returning, but I am having issues again and my spine keeps twisting to the left again causing me pain.

I have not been given any options on what to do to help me be pain free, and I do not know what else to do. I am still uninsured sadly and do not qualify for any type of help..but I do not want to live in pain. Can anyone offer insight?