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Thread: My M300 Permobil arrived

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    There are two issues I am struggling with. First, I am right handed and have the joystick module mounted on the right side armrest. (See photo in my op.) This works great for moving around. However, it gets in the way of many important routine activities, such as accessing my refrigerator and microwave oven. I work from the right side. When the doors are open, I pull along side and reach in with both hands to grasp things between them. With my manual chair, I could reach across the side of my lap with my left hand but now the joystick is in the way. I cannot lean on it and have to lift many things up over it to put them on my lap. The module can be turned to the right side about 120 degrees but not when I am next to things. It will also turn to the lap side about 90 degrees but then I cannot put things on my lap. Any suggestions? I thought of moving the module to my left side but do not have nearly as much fine coordination for moving the joystick. This is really aggravating.
    I operate the same way and have a difficult time retrieving items from the fridge, etc. when they're on my left. If I know the joy stick will be in the way, I'll swing it to the side against the armrest and pull up to the fridge at a slight angle. If I don't swing it first, it is in my way, but sometimes I can maneuver around, BUT I always turn it off when I do. Of course all of this adds to the time involved to do something.

    As forestranger said though, when you start getting outside more, you will REALLLLY appreciate it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    The wheelchair emits a loud annoying relay click every time the joystick is moved from the neutral position. When it is moving it is very quiet.

    There are two issues I am struggling with. First, I am right handed and have the joystick module mounted on the right side armrest. (See photo in my op.) This works great for moving around. However, it gets in the way of many important routine activities, such as accessing my refrigerator and microwave oven. I work from the right side.
    Congratulations on your new chair. As one old guy to another I am glad it is working out and helping your shoulders.

    The click is the electric brake that comes on when the chair is stopped and is released when you move the joystick. Every power chair has it, but some are noisier than others. I don't know if yours is especially loud or if you are just not used to it. Bit surprised it is an issue with Permobil.

    On the right hand joystick, I taught for many years using an elevating seat power chair. I needed to be at the board writing and moving at the same time. Being right handed, the choice was learning to write left handed or drive left handed. Moved the joy stick to the left side. There was some learning curve, but I became an ambidextrous driver. Assumeing no neurological issues it is just another thing to learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    There's no electronic doors on your condo Eileen?? We have that - the seniors pushed for it - front and back.
    Unfortunately, no. I don't live in a senior complex. It is just a condo complex and maybe no one (including me) has agitated for it.

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    Here's my method with doors. If possible, use the left door. Pull up in front of the right door (or the wall) angled to the right. Grab the left door handle with your left hand and pull while simultaneously reversing (a little toward the left door). Then, while the door is held open with your left hand, pivot the chair through the opening.

    If you don't have any space to the right of the door, pull in at a slight angle to the right, pulling right up to the door so your feet are under the handle. Reach forward and grab the handle. Reverse the chair while pulling the handle. Eventually, the swing of the door will clear your feet. Hold the door open while driving through.

    If it's a right door and you have room to the left, you pull left of the door pointing a little to the left, but not so much that you block the door. Pull it open with right hand all the way. If it has a closer, I just kind of hold it away from the chair with my elbow (or my left hand) while I drive through. If it doesn't self close, either I grab it from behind me and swing it closed while I quickly drive forward, or I close the door with my right hand while I use my left to move the joystick forward.

    If there is no room to the left of the door, then pull up to the door angled to the left slightly with your feet under the handle. Grab the handle with your left handle while reversing until the door clears your feet. You may have to reach forward quite a bit. Alternatively, you can hold the door handle with your right hand while reversing the joystick with your left. If it has a closer, I swing the door open and quickly use my right hand to steer through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52 View Post
    I could not go where I do without tilt to adjust my seat to the slope I travel.

    I was using the tilt yesterday to descend a steep, wet, grassy slope that I would never have attempted in my old chair when the thought crossed my mind; how do you know where the point is where overconfidence and the laws of physics collide? I passed the $400 fly rod I was carrying to my BIL!

    For me the seat elevator and tilt in space have been a life changer.

    Good luck with the new chair 55+1.
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    When descending or climbing slopes and especially side hills, the center of gravity is critical. An important factor is the base weight of the powerchair vs the weight of the driver/seat. The heavier the base compared to the driver, the steeper the slope you can travel. A longer chair helps also. Front wheel drive is better as the rear casters act as anti-tippers.
    When I need to climb up a steeper slope I back up using the tilt to combat the center of gravity. I have not hit the tipping point yet but one day I will end up on my back.

    I have a Omegatrac powerchair whose base weighs around 400 lbs with the batteries and seat/tilt mechanism. The chair also as air suspension front and rear which also helps me level the base somewhat. I weigh around 230 and I negotiate pretty steep hills. This chair is extremely stable and will go almost anywhere.

    My Frontier X-5 base weighs 250 lbs, so my center of gravity is high. I will tip over easily when attempting any hill forward, and just driving off the road edge quickly makes the chair feel tippy. When driving down the road, just stopping quickly will tilt the chair up onto the front casters, leaving me hanging from my seat belt. This scares the hell out of me and happens way too often. The only way I get back is to tilt the seat back until my weight drops the chair onto its 6 wheels. We have adjusted the seat to the rear as far as possible but it has made little difference.
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    As I know these Permobiles are durable too. Hopes it will serve you well 56.

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    You also might want to try moving your joystick control back. I have mine all the back against the arm rest pad and have the arm rests as low as they can get. This leaves a clear area to move things on and off the front of your lap. Having the joystick back keeps my arm straight down and my elbow resting on the pad while using the joystick. This helps keep me stabilized while forcing me to control the stick with my wrist and not my elbow. In this way, you have much better control, especially over rough terrain.

    Also make sure the joystick is programmed to be highly responsive (the chair moves as soon as the joystick is moved) and the acceleration isn't set too low. If it is too low, the chair actually becomes harder to maneuver because there isn't enough initial power to overcome the friction of the casters rotating. Basically, for someone with your stability and level of control, you want the chair to move instantly and identically with the motion of the joystick. Then you use subtle movements of the joystick to create finer control in your chair's movements. You start moving with big movements of the joystick, then ease off as the chair moves. You stop with a slight reversal of the joystick (rather than neutral). All of this means you are in command of the chair rather than the other way around. Practice doing as much navigating in and around objects as you can. You will soon learn two things: the joystick and chair can become an extension of you just like someone's legs, and it is much easier to accurately control the chair when is it moving at a slight speed rather than crawling.
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    My m300 is only a couple of months old. I love the tight turning radius as well as the 3G seating. The seating is much more comfie than my c400 was. Also more comfy than my sons invacare fx. However, the chair has issues that are driving me NUTS. First, it was not put together well, some of that we resolved by tightening pieces here and there. Then, I noticed the recline started making a horrible grinding sound. The, the tilt starting making a different grinding noise. THEN, the seat elevator started making a loud click click click, jerking with every click.. NOW the motor is starting to make a sound intermittently.

    Yes, I've made a lot of calls. Does anyone else have problems with the head support and arm rests? I'm still waiting on after market gel type arm rests with troughed inserts...the aftermarket head support won't adjust properly on this chair so it gives too much which hurts after riding in the car.

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    55, your new chair looks great. I reaf that Medicare bought your chair. How do I get the local dme supplier to try to get me a Permobil? How did you do that? Thanks

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