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Thread: My M300 Permobil arrived

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    My M300 Permobil arrived

    After 4 months from the beginning of the Medicare approval process, I now have the chair, named Silver Streak. After a half day of use,it feels very awkward. I hope the learning curve is a short, quick one. It is good to be able to wheel around the yard again. I will get back with an evaluation after I use it for a few days.

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    Hi "SCIfor55yrs.,"
    It is a good looking chair and you look comfortable....seems to fit you well. Is this your first mid wheel drive chair. My current chair is a mid wheel drive and I don't think I am still used to that "fish tailing" feeling. But, I'm sure you will master this like you have every challenge.

    All the best,

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    WooooHooooo.!!! Good things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait some more........ It took me awhile to get used to mid-wheel drive, but you are going to love that tight turning radius! Great looking chair!

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    Just go put some miles on, I think you will love it. Go find a paved trail and enjoy nature.

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    Looks nice and compact, and a good fit for you. I was with 3 guys in power chairs yesterday at our monthly SCI peer group at the Northampton (MA) VA, and was awed by how well they control them. All three were mid wheel drive. I should be getting my Emotion M15s in a week or so, and hope that they will allow me to get out and around more. I just don't have the energy to push up hills in the heat any more.
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    Looks good! I look foward to reading your evaluation.
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    Hi SCIfor55yrs.
    Nice chair
    I really like Mid wheel drive ones
    It is good to give your shoulders , body a break from undue stress via Manual chair . The best part is I like mid wheel for going outside and rolling by my dogs up close .

    Good luck with it and all
    I wish the best for you
    Sincerely ; GL

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    Congrats 55, looking great! Looking forward to your evaluation because I will need to make this move soon.

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    Hi SCI55,

    The chair looks good. I have only used mid-wheel drive chairs and wouldn't want anything else. When I first got my power chair, I banged up doorways, desk and knees. Once you get the hang of it, I think you'll love your chair. My wife used to like for us to go to the malls shopping. After I got my power chair and started going into every shop in the malls, she doesn't want to go to the malls with me anymore...she gets too tired. Come back and post about your adventures in a couple of weeks.

    Take care and drive carefully.
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