Dear forum members,

I'm currently in rehab in the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and am coming to the end of an eight-month stay. I am a C4 incomplete quadriplegic with central cord syndrome, which in my case means that my lower body is much stronger than my upper body. I'm walking short distances on a walking frame (up to about 60 m), but suffer from chronic stiffness and overactive biceps and pectorals. I'm thinking of travelling to the States to join one of the intensive exercise therapy programs available there. I know of a couple of patients from the Royal Talbot who have been to Project Walk in San Diego and recently saw a 60 Minutes program about the Shepherd Centre in Atlanta. I have also read the various threads about the Neuro Institute, although none is particularly recent. I have of course read various threads on this forum about all of these centres, and realise that each has its merits. Is there anyone who has been to any of these centres, or perhaps all, who might give me some advice about which might be most suitable for someone with my condition and for how long it would be optimal to undergo therapy? Are there any other IE therapy centres that anybody would recommend?

Many thanks for any advice you might be to give me.