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Thread: 2 year old and not listening

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    2 year old and not listening

    So I have a 2 year old niece that I help raise between me and my grandma.

    She's always been really helpfull and listens to me well. But in the last couple weeks she's been acting up. It's more when I need her to do something, like if we're ready to leave or go inside. She has learned there are places that my wheelchair can't go, so of course when she's not wanting to do something she goes there so I can't get her.

    It's driving me mad! I was just wondering is any other parents have had this similar situtions. What did you do?

    I'm hoping this is just a phase and we'll be past it soon. But any advice would be nice! I'm new at parenting AND parenting from a wheelchair.


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    I have no experience at parenting, but isn't that why they are called the "terrible twos?" I think it is a rotten phase every kid goes through.

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    Yep my two year old granddaughter right there too! It will pass. You have to admit even when she is being rotten she is so stinking cute. Its hard to stay mad.

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    All children use to go through that, so normal
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    it's a completely normal and important stage of development,
    kids at two begin to realize they're independent beings, not extensions of
    parents and caretakers. there are some good online resources with tips:
    and more, plenty of ways that other parents have handled this stage.
    (not with spankings, but by allowing child to be disappointed by natural consequences...e.g., if she won't come when you call her, then she won't be able to hear the story you were going to read, etc.... )
    you may need to curtail your outings away from home with her until she's a little further along in her understanding. many parents in wheelchairs (self included) have used a child safety tether (chest harness and leash) during those years. if you are the only adult in charge, the tether is the only sure way to keep a young child from darting into danger, other than staying home for a few years.
    ignore the dirty looks that some ablebodied people send...they just don't get it. my son at two was like conan the barbarian--we'd have had to stay in for 4 years without that leash. also helpful was joining a mother's group-we had group outings to a playground and the other moms could help me extricate him from treetops, etc. good luck! be patient!!
    ( here we are a mere 11 years ago: )
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    My kids both do that....thankfully I have an AB here to help in those situations but it is hard as now my youngest doesn't think she has to obey me. But my 8 year old was the same, and now she is great.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I have young nephew and niece that I used to babysit when they were young. The thing is, kids find a way to get on your nerves, doesn't matter if you AB, on a wheelchair or the Superman!

    When she acts that way, just leave her there and don't give her attention. She will come through in few minutes. I have noticed that kids stop doing such things when they don't get any attention for it. After she comes through, do something that she likes, for example playing music and dancing with her (That's what I did with my niece and nephew)

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    I have a 4 and 6 year old, I was worried about them taking off on me but I really worked hard on letting them know a safe place around me for when we go out.

    They are smart and know that I can't get every where heck they have thrown stuff down to block me.

    I work with a countdown they have until 3 to come to me sometimes is a very slow 3 but that works and have been doing that for so long they come, they know not coming is worse then coming at the time.

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    everytime I'm in public and see small children with their parents I am amazed at what the parents get away with. The way they speak to their kids is appalling to me. I often think to myself if I was bossed around all day I'd just split. The well behaved children I see are treated respectfully, the brats are just berated constantly with a foul tongue. I had the mix of these growing up and am as bi-polar as they come. I have no respect for authority figures and will undermine anyone that tries to get me to do what they say. Be consistent and you won't have children that grow up like me.
    I used to think how nice it would be to be a little kid forever, now I see how bad it sucked. I clean my room when I want, do my chores whenever the fuck I want, eat when and whatever I want and don't have to listen to nobody. No wonder I hated rehab.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm definetly learning alot about kids with her. I'm glad to hear that it's most likely just as phase. I love being with her and would hate to think that I wouldn't be able to care for her.

    Crashbang thanks for the website link, VERY helpful

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