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Thread: 30 Pic's of what kids of the world eat at school

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    30 Pic's of what kids of the world eat at school

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    Japan, Singapore, and Italy looks good.

    Some of it looks gross like the stuff my school served.

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    I do not understand the rational of schools providing lunch in a cafeteria, I have never been to such a school but was educated/live in a rural community.
    I take great care to pack my daughter a healthy lunch and one that I know she will eat. It is also filled with love. I would be uncomfortable turning over the responsibility for nearly a quarter of my childrens nutrition to someone else, especially a for profit business.
    In my daughters elementary school the PTA provides one hot lunch a week as a fundraiser and at the local highschool a concession selling basic hot lunches is staffed by students and raises money for extra curriculars.
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    Here everybody pack the lunch to their children at home and it is mostly sandwiches.
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    Slovakia looks good to eat and so does Italy. The american lunch looks like jail food (the 2nd pic).

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    The French kids get French Fries for lunch


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    it's amazing the lack of color in our foods vs the other countries. (gruel notwithstanding)
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    My high schools had mini fast food restaurants that served
    hamburgers, fries, salads, pizza, soda, etc. Elementary and
    junior high looked like the pics.

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    School meals are notoriously bad in the UK.. although some improvement has been made through TV programmes by the likes of Jamie Oliver, and the whole celebrity chef movement.


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    Japan, ftw!!!

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