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Thread: caregiving for 92 year old women exchange for room and board

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    caregiving for 92 year old women exchange for room and board

    We need someone to live with our 92 year old mom. She lives in Lakewood ,Ca. We preferr a female. She needs help transferring .

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    you should advertise on craigs list, and require that applicants be bonded, and you should do a background check.

    I think you are unlikely to find a caregiver here, as most people here who are caregivers are family to the person they care for.

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    I just spent this last weekend recruiting and hiring a PCA for my 83 year old mother, who has MS and also lives in the LA area.

    Ran an ad in Craig's List starting Wednesday evening...had over 30 applicants by Friday noon. Interviewed 10 Saturday & Sunday, picked one Sunday evening, got their background check back Monday afternoon, checked references, and she started training today. It can be done, but you have to have a plan, a job description, skill at screening and interviewing, a way to get background checks, and be ready to fire anyone who does not meet standards set in your written job description and contract.


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