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Thread: Concepts of Independence

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    Concepts of Independence

    Hi All,
    I live in new york and was wondering if anyone used this agency for PCA'S and how did you get the them. Did you put an ad out? I understand this is a private agency and not under the same rules as the government agencies. Right now I under the government agency and want to change where I can have more say. The care I receive is great, but I like to have more say as when they can come and when they can go. I am a c-7 incomplete and just want to have a little more independence when it comes to the aids.

    Anyone use this agency and another that is similar? Input please...
    C-7 incomplete Since 2004

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    I've used them for... oh gosh, over 15 years now. I use classified ads in the local paper to find new PAs, screen out as many as I can over the phone (pro tip: "This job is on the books" should be the very first thing you say over the phone), and then an in-person interview will screen out plenty more. Craigslist ads didn't work for me; I mostly got people who were obviously applying for every single job listing.

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    Thx for the input, It is going to be a change for me but one I will welcome.
    C-7 incomplete Since 2004

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