For my cp i decided to do a resisdatial CMT program through a friend(whos a rehabbed quad (to the point of not need special stuff)
“Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) and forced use therapy refer to restraining the unaffected arm of people with hemiplegia to “force” the affected arm into use….[usually] accompanied by intensive therapy (massed practice) to facilitate function in the affected arm. The underlying rationale for CIMT is that ‘forcing’ use of the affected arm reverses the learned non-use of the limb.”
im making amazing process but we are at the point were we need to on utensil skills but my eatin disorder is getting way. i need to have something on the utensil and it needs to go in mouth. good thing i guess is that i dont balance to use in behaviours but the knowledge of food being inside me and im to disabled to get it out is terrifying.

can anyone relate or am i a freak?