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Thread: handbike tow wheelchair

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    handbike tow wheelchair

    hi, anyone here figured out how to tow a wheelchair behind a handbike? what sort of hitch did u buy, adapt or make? thanks

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    I've seen two solutions (haven't used either of them):

    Wheelchair Buddies

    Using FreeWheel to tow wheelchair

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    I don't yet own a handcycle, but had the same question and saw these.
    TiLite TR3
    Dual-Axle TR3 with RioMobility DragonFly
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    Top End used to make a tow bar, don't know if they still do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Top End used to make a tow bar, don't know if they still do.
    They do its crap.You can only cycle in a straight with the chair attached.

    My solution

    Quote Originally Posted by cyfskid View Post
    Ok the bike here

    things i've need to change/get and learned:

    • The towbar is useless for towing a chair
    • I need a basket(for groceries) AND a way of transporting my chair while handcycling
    • We are working on a way of connecting anti tip bars to the invacare towbar so i can connect chair to the towbar with a basket in the hoop

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    I am working on getting something together. I want to tow my chair so that I can ride my handcycle to work.

    I am thinking of adapting some type of bicycle trailer components.
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    I use my FreeWheel attached to my wheelchair to tow it behind my handbike. I've done this to ride to work. I pull up to a bench at work and transfer to the bench then the chair and push into work.

    With the FreeWheel rotated out, simply drop it over your back axel of your handbike.

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    Smile inexpensive and easy to make

    I have a handcycle that I use a lot and in the summers of 1999 & 2000 I lived in Hollywood CA. I loved riding up and down the boardwalk in Venice and Santa Monica but couldn't ride my handcycle into any stores. I went to a Home Depot store, bought a large "L" shaped piece of pvc pipe, few hose clamps and attached it to the center section back side of bike between back wheels. It was looked like an "L" that was laying it's back e.g. _l
    I push a three wheelchair for my everyday chair and it was easy to put the single front caster of my everyday chair in the top portion of the large pvc pipe. Not necessary but just so I didn't lose my chair, I then used a bungee cord to keep it inside the pvc pipe.
    Friends all had two front casters on their chairs so I made a pvc arm with a clamp (simply smaller pvc tubing and with a pvc T that you could make a cut in so it slid over or grabbed foot rest, then of course bungee cord/strap) and another "T" fitting at the end so it would fit into "L" shaped pvc attached to bike.
    The trick was making sure my chair was far enough behind so that chair tires didn't rub bike tires when turning (this was easy but didn't think about it until it happened and had to adjust), and also to have the center point hook/up point that pivots or turns to be on the bike. The end that goes to the chair needs to be firm, not both able to turn.
    I found that my everyday chair was an excellent trailer. The other concern I had was that the chair be easy to attach and detach so if I wanted to stop and go in a place it wasn't a hassle.
    All in all, it cost under $10 to make and works well, occassionally have to tighten hose clamps. There are lots of items you can buy that accomplish the same thing but if on a budget or can't wait you can usually find the items in your garage you need to make a towbar. please feel free to email me or ask for pics. I don't have any pics as of now but will be more than happy to take some.

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    Good design Rob considering Top End charged 250.00 for a faunky U shaped rack that really didn't work very well.

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