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Thread: Posture causing pinched/stretched nerves

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    Posture causing pinched/stretched nerves

    Anyone out there have pinched and/or stretched cervical nerves from the head forward posture, tense, elevated shoulders, or slightly rounded shoulders?

    My neck, traps, and entire shoulder girdle hurt almost 24/7 w/ pain going into my hands at times. I do my neck stretches and exercises and stretch my pecs. I also work my back muscles doing rows to pull shoulders back into a more squared posture.

    Nothing seems to help except I've had a massage and ultrasound done on my shoulders and neck that made the pain mostly disappear for a few days. I even alternate between a power and manual chair. Lately now the pain is in my right hand again mainly the last three fingers and wrist so I imagine it's the ulnar nerve though I never lean on my elbow but do so on forearms or above elbow. I'm more aware and try to keep arm and wrist straight at night because I was putting in behind my head to prop up while I watch TV. My right side is much tighter than my left in the neck and shoulder too btw (I feel the pull much more when stretching).

    I was told before all this is postural and muscle issues. With it pinching the c5,6 and stretching c7,8. Well actually been told it's trigger points or myofascial pain syndrome too depending on the dr and day.

    Has anyone rehabbed a similar problem? I've been dealing with this for about a year.
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    Ok, forget about posture and muscle inbalances compressing nerves. No one has pain in neck, traps, upper back, and/or possibly hands in general due to strong/tight anterior muscles and weak/looser posterior muscles?
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    I have severe pain in all the areas you mention, plus spasticity in my left neck, jaw, arm and hand. I haven't found anything that helps for long, but my situation is mainly disease-related; if you have a definite diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome or trigger point issues, you might indeed be able to rehab your shoulder girdle and hands - I know that some people have experienced remarkable results from myofascial treatments, and the key is accurate diagnosis plus finding a really experienced therapist. I wish you well and hope you can find relief soon.

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    I've had the trigger points at times of extreme stress. I have the ulnar finger pain constantly.

    Here's a gross way to diagnose trigger points. Get a good massage therapist to pop them. If you wind up totally shitting all over yourself within 2 hours, it was indeed toxins from the trigger points being released.

    At least that's how it worked for me.

    The weird thing was that massage guy was crazy good. He said "You're totally blocked at the 7th chakra."

    I was like whatevs. But then my legs swelled up, my eyes bugged out. Umpteen doctors later-it turned out the 7th chakra was what controls the thyroid. And I had Graves disease.

    Massage guy was unreliable as hell. Damned tweakers.

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    Yep. All that & more. Left shoulder to hand on me. Small peanuts compared to the back issues & spasms + nerve pain. That shit makes life mighty hard.

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    any one dealing with left side pain every %^$%ing day
    and dr.dont know what it is

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    Hey November! Did you see the "Ask a PT" sticky thread in Exercise & Recovery? Lotta good info in there.

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    Hi November, I ma getting that kind of pain too. Getting worse I can hardly push my chair, or type....and getting in and out of the car with my chair is a major problem.

    I had it since 2003.... have been told it might b thorasic outlet syndrome, and am waiting to see a vascular surgeon to find out more.

    I get weekly massage and physio which REALLY helps

    hope u find something to help you too
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