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Thread: I'm a Grandpa Again!!

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    Congratulations Duge! Play well with her. Some of my fondest memories are excursions with Grandpa.

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    Thanks everyone!!!!!!!! there coming home this morning, everyone is doing fine! this is the first girl for our family so were just so excited about that also! there's NOTHING in the world like your grandkids!!!

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    Wonderful, Duge, so glad they will be home soon and you can begin grandfathering in earnest!

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    Congrats Duge.....
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    Congratulations Doug!!! Your house is going to be fun in a few Christmases with all those grandbabies to spoil.....
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    Thanks for sharing your joy and excitement! It's so nice to observe the genuine feelings and love for your family's new edition.


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    Congrats Doug. Hope your enjoying having everyone home.
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    Have 3 myself.. boy 5, girl 4, and boy 1.
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    congrats. I have a niece and nephew and they make my day they are wonderful.

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