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    New to U.S.

    Hi, I have a little issue. Is it legal for a caregiving agency to charge you a fee if you are away and are not using the service? I am unsure if there are laws for caregiving services and if it is different from state to state. I am in Ohio.

    I will be out of town for a week due to medical reasons and will not need this agency's service for a week. They said they still have to charge me at least part of what I would pay if I was not gone that week. This has never happened and I am confused with whether this is right.


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    If private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid pay for this agency call and ask them. If not, check your contract with them. If you do not have a contract I would call your state's insurance commisioner (google or look in the blue pages of a phone book) and ask. This sounds like something I would not pay for since you are giving them advance notice.
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    yes, i live in ny nursing home. u are allowed 10 nights a year to be out of a nursing home. if more than 10 days they charge u for every day after that or u loose ur room.

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