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Thread: Pork and Beans

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    Pork and Beans

    Tonja and I had my sister and her family over for the weekend and I made a BBQ dinner for everyone.

    Started off with a 9lb picnic, smoked with apple and cherry wood. No seasoning during the cook. After the pork was pulled I mixed in Wolfe Rub Original.

    After making the beans, potato salad and slaw I relaxed with a glass of Crown on the rocks (thank you Tonja) and a stogie.

    Pork is done and ready to be pulled.

    Ahh my plate.....pretty darn good.
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    I so suffer from grill envy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJ2 View Post
    I so suffer from grill envy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why is he teasing us with that BBQ.. Where does he live. I have gas, can travel.

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    Virginia and look at the hotties that were invited to the fest.

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