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Thread: 2010 ryno mobility silverado 2500hd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaphod View Post
    Looks like the lack of head room might be due to you sitting pretty high in your chair. Is that right?

    I sure like the interior finish of this conversion.

    How wide is the lift tray? How much different was the 4WD version?
    The platform is 28 inches wide......the 4wd version is still 28 wide except towards the right front which is cut out for the transfer case.
    my ryno has 57 1/2 inches of headroom, i believe you lose a little over an inch with the 4wd. The 2wd has a 4 inch body lift, 4wd has a 3.......

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    Pictures of 4wd would be great if anyone has them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaphod View Post
    Pictures of 4wd would be great if anyone has them.
    if ur on facebook, ryno mobilty has a page wth lots of pics, including a ford f-150 4x4 they just finished..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJ2 View Post
    TY, I HAVE A SET OF 18IN RIMS WITH 325-60-18'S COMING WHICH EQUALS 33-12.50-18'S
    so if it didn`t fit in the garage now it definitely won`t later. Seems odd for a 2wd to be so tall... but I`m a Dodge guy, a half-ton Ram takes out a .75-ton Chev anyday.

    Enjoy it! Put that sucker to work, they hate just going for groceries.

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