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Thread: Virginia Veterans Tax Exempt Clarification

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    Virginia Veterans Tax Exempt Clarification

    Thought this might be helpful to a few members here:

    Attorney general clarifies veterans’ tax exemption
    By Stephanie Porter-Nichols

    An amendment to Virginia constitution passed last winter exempts from state real estate taxation those veterans rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as 100 percent disabled.
    Eligible veterans receive from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs a letter documenting their disability that they can use as proof in applying for the exemption.
    But that letter also says veterans may be 100 percent unemployable, which is not the same as 100 percent disabled, Smyth County Commissioner of the Revenue Jeff Richardson said Monday.
    “The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia requested a clarifying opinion by the attorney general,” Richardson said. “We have an obligation to carry out the statute. Commissioners don’t get to pick and choose what they think.”
    Cucinelli’s opinion held 100 percent unemployability is the benchmark to use.
    In a release last month, Cucinelli’s office said some localities denied the exemption on the basis that the veterans did not meet the criteria for being “100 percent totally disabled.”
    The release said the “VA uses a schedule to rate various disabilities when it determines the level of a veteran’s ‘service-connected’ disability. In an instance where the service-connected disability rating is not 100 percent, the VA can rate the veteran at the 100 percent level if he is unable to be employed because of his disability or disabilities.”
    The problem, Cuccinelli’s office said, came up “in cases where veterans did not reach the 100 percent disability rating until their unemployability was factored in.”
    That lead some localities to say the veterans did not meet the 100 percent totally disabled criteria.
    “In his official opinion, which is based on a reading of the law and the Virginia Constitution, Cuccinelli found that the tax exemption does in fact apply to these veterans rated by the VA as 100 percent disabled, regardless of how the VA arrived at that rating,” the release said.
    Richardson said records show 52 veterans in Smyth County qualify for the exemption.
    He said he is willing to talk to any person or group of people who would like more information. To learn more, call 782-4040.
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    Here is a link to state services for all states and territories. It includes information about tax exemptions for vets in all states. Just click on the top bar menu "State and Territory Dept of VA".

    Many areas have tax exemptions for homeowners as well as license plate cost reductions and other services.
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    This sounds good but is a little confusing because localities, not the state, collect and set tax rates in Virginia.

    Personal and real property taxes.
    Virginia has no state property tax. The tax is set and collected at the local government level.
    Real estate is taxed at the local level based on 100 percent of fair market value. Effective true tax rates on real estate vary and are set by locality.
    Tangible personal property also is taxed at the local level and is based on a percentage or percentages of original cost.
    Tangible personal property includes, but is not limited to, machinery and equipment, furniture, fixtures and trucks and automobiles. Residents must file Form 762, Return of Tangible Personal Property, Machinery and Tools, and Merchants' Capital, by May 1.
    Contact information for the personal property tax assessment and collection agencies across Virginia is available on the state's Department of Motor Vehicles Web site.

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