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Thread: Catheters prices

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    Catheters prices

    Anyone know where I can get some decent pricing on catheters. I pretty much use the same catheter for a very long time and now have a bladder infection that is being a pain so I figure since medicare pays for catheters might as well get and use them. BUT when I looked at the 690 dollar price for 120 catheters I about fell out of my chair. They are coude tipped, but holy christ they came out to 5.75 per cath. Talk about screwing the government.....well if anyone knows of a place I can get them cheaper than 5.75 please let me know. Already checked liberty medical and they are more expensive

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    If you want to pay out of your own pocket, you can do better, but everything that goes through Medicare has a staggering price.

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    no wonder our gov is broke, everyone keeps screwing them

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    Hi RedRoc,

    Give Jerry a call at Heartline Medical in NC. He'll take care of you. I don't pay any out-of-pocket payments.


    Good luck.
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    I don't pay out of pocket right now, just think that is a crazy high price...thanks for the info

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    but its not the distributor that makes the money its the maker, music city charges medicare 1900 for 200 cath kits, medicare pays 1400 and bart pays 1275 for them so there isnt alot of money for the supplier, and obamacare is going to cut it by 40 percent......

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    Quote Originally Posted by redroc2 View Post
    I don't pay out of pocket right now, just think that is a crazy high price...thanks for the info
    The catheter I use are usually .81, and I pay out of pocket. A friend uses the same and Uncle Sam pays 2.74 a piece for the same thing. Ain't it grand?

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    When you shop around it really is eye opening. My insurance covers everything but my last supplier charged up $1400 for a month's supply of speedi-caths. I have a new med supply company and the bill comes to around $430 a month now. Use different caths now, but even the old ones are much cheaper at the new place.
    Medical supply business is obviously FUBAR.

    I have a friend that orders caths for her son through their local drugstore and the price is about $30 a box.

    My new supplier is Handi Medical in St. Paul. Some people like them some don't. Right now I'm in the like column but you know how that can change. I especially like using their website....prices are posted and you can use insurance online to pay.

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    I have been using Summit Medical out of Kings Park New York now for the last two years and they have been great to me. They take whatever my insurance pays and I owe nothing. They call me monthly to see if I need more or less cathaders and then have them shipped right to my door.

    toll free 888-269-6605
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    I use United Medical Providers out of New Orleans LA and they have been great to me. They take what Medicare pays and I owe nothing. They also call me every monthly to see if I need more or less supplies and then have them shipped right to my door. I get 4 caths a month, which Medicare said were not medically necessary but the company gives me the 4 anyway. The price listed on my invoice says they are $12.86. The overpriced medical supplies and equipment is crazy. Anyway here is their #888-246-7980

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