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Thread: Need mattress advice

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    Need mattress advice

    I will be moving out of the clinitron bed this week and need some advice on a permanent mattress onlay. I found the Low Air Loss Alternating pressure Mattress and the Alternating Pressure Mattress pad. Insurance will pay for the Mattress for a few more weeks but I want to buy something for the long term. Can anyone provide personal feedback on these two types?
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    The Care Cure Community search box, in the upper right corner of each page can lead you to some useful information on the mattress and pad you are considering. I searched: "Low Air Loss Alternating pressure Mattress and the Alternating Pressure Mattress pad." Here are the first several threads I found.

    Try the search terms I used above and you will find a few more pages of discussion.

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    I think most of us will tell you that the alternating pressure mattresses are not particularly effective for dealing with serious problems. I recommend the LAL considering your problem. The area wound center here does not prescribe the alternating pressure mattresses at all.
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    The Tempur-Pedic is the BEST!!!!
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    55 is right, alternating pressure mattresses aren't appropriate. The biggest problem with low air loss, besides price, is if your area is subject to frequent power outages.

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    Thank you guys for the great suggestions. My husband and I decided to go with the tempur pedic mattress. My skin is healthy and good. I got my ischial pressure wound from a bad cushion. The seating specialist didn't pressure map me and ordered a cushion that had little round gel things all over it. They looked cheap and ineffective but I didn't say anything and sat on it for one month and got a pressure sore the exact same size and shape of the little round gel thingy's. I was pressure mapped before my flap surgery and will be again once the bed rest is over. So far its looking like I never should have left my Jay 2 cushion. It seemed perfect during the pressure mapping.

    Any who....Thank you for the suggestions. I'm looking forward to the Tempur-pedic mattress. It will be a good compromise for me and my husband.
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    I love my Tempur-Pedic...
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    I like my tempurpedic, no sores despite little turning after a decade. Can get warm. Company is very reliable and fully supports product, even a decade post purchase. Get the mattress protector though as well.

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