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Thread: New Clinical Trial for Chronic Complete SCI

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    Exclamation New Clinical Trial for Chronic Complete SCI

    Sometimes I forget to come to carecure and post new clinical trial information that comes up when I get super busy with other projects.
    To keep updated on clinical trials, you may want to register at the site where clinical trial information is being kept current. It's free to set up your account here and only takes a moment.

    The latest clinical trial pending is for Chronic Complete Asia A & B. Funding was allocated on June 15th.

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    which one on the list is the trial you speak of?
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    Funded by the US Dept of Defense and US Army. Huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    Funded by the US Dept of Defense and US Army. Huh.
    The CDMRP has some pretty progressive translative grants. It appears they're doing a pretty good job weeding out trash grants that seem so prevelant in other areas. I think they have a stiff review process that helps considerably! I'm not seeing a lot of wasteful time and money on career researchers. I think their mission is "translative".


    We provide hope by promoting innovative research, recognizing untapped opportunities, creating partnerships, and guarding the public trust.


    Find and fund the best research to eradicate diseases and support the warfighter for the benefit of the American public.

    The SCIRP was established by Congress in FY09 with a $35 million appropriation to support research into regenerating/repairing damaged spinal cords and improving rehabilitation therapies. In FY10, Congress appropriated $11.25 million to continue this research.
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