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Thread: what are those things that bite but you cant see em?

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    what are those things that bite but you cant see em?

    they dont even care about bugspary. they look like a tiny tiny orange dot. I dont see any wings, or legs they are so tiny but they bite like they have needles for fangs. just terrible little things.

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    Possibly they are spider mites. Generally they look like a small particle of dirt, but when crushed, they leave an orange colored blood streak. Is that what you are describing?

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    They're called no-see-ums. They tear me up every time I visit family in Oklahoma.

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    no kidding?
    I have seen spider mites when I had birds. they were bigger. I guess it is a mite. do they float or jump? they bite all over, just aweful little devils.

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    No see'ums are more like gnats, they fly. I think you must have some mutant chigger thing, sounds like.

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    Jody, you're in the south....Digger is right. I have no idea how it's spelled, but it's chiggers..... When we bought this property they got me...working out in the yard. You can't see them, but boy do they get you! And the itch....OMG!

    I bought a cream at Walmart for the bites. They are horrible. They live in the weeds and tall grass the most. My dil got it bad the last time she picked our black berries.

    Look it up in line.....they are nasty business! We have those pesky irritating gnats.....but the bite of these .........horrible! I have a couple of scars from them!

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    As an ex-farmer-hunter, I am guessing ticks as in Lyme disease cause. Check them out. Some are quite small. Once they get their pincers in your skin, they are tough to dislodge.
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    I have all kinds of critters in my house that crawl all over me. Spiders, ants, gnats, etc. I just leave 'em be, and I don't seem to get bitten. The older I get, the more averse I become to killing anything living.

    Except cockroaches - I'll kill them mofo's each and every time I get a chance. So I'm not Gandhi, sue me!
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