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Thread: Training chest muscles without triceps.

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    Training chest muscles without triceps.

    Title says it all. I'm trying to figure out how to do my chest. I cant do the basic bench press cause I have no triceps control and my hand just falls right on my face when I move it in front. I tried to do push up but only my left side( better side) pulls up and I usually fall on my bad side. AT this point it started to look a bit comical since the left side of my chest is looking good with big muscles and on my bad side I can barely see any muscle whatsoever.
    I figured out how to do shoulders without triceps but chest I just dont know what can I do and if I do even have control over my right chest muscle.

    Any help much appreciated. Hopefully somebody figured out a way to work on chest muscles without triceps.

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    I forgot to mention I'm c4/c5

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    What I can do to check if my front chest muscles are working? When I try to flex I can feel some muscles close to armpit but thats about it ..nothing on the front

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    If you work out with someone, have them transfer you to a incline fly machine. You also can use a smith machine and wrap you hands on the bar.

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    I'm doing everything in home so I dont really have access to those machines on daily basis. Thank you for answer though.

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    Sounds like you have some deltoid working if you can flex by the armpit. Use a thera band or thera cord, tie it around anything that's chest height. Concentrate on using that particular muscle in whatever way you can. Front, side, back, have someone hold your arm overyour head with the fore arm at a 90o; have them help guide it down and up in the same position making sure your shoulder is level and not raising up or down. to guide it back down. Concentrate on bringing the elbow down not the arm. These are mostly shoulder girdle moves but muscles overlap eachother, we call it piggybacking the muscle. By using opposing muscle groups,weak functioning, whatever; they can be strengthend by strengthening the working muscle connected around them. Get various strengths band or cords. Bands might be betterfor you to grip with.. Use the lightest ones first so your muscle can do the move with poper form and function. If you have a full length mirror, that would really help as you can see how you move thru the motion rather than thinking you are moving thru the motion correctly. Our brain can misconstrue what the pattern is but if we can see it's wrong then we can correct it. It's not a matter of lifting heavy weight or weights at all. Its a matter of getting a postive motion using proper form and function. You'll be surprized how much strength and more function you'll get using the right techniques.

    I've been using a trainer for 6 years who thinks outside of the box. We have improved my abilities and rehabbed my torn,ripped and busted up shoulders that docs said would never work again. I'm sure you could contact him and he can give you or your trainer some great exercizes to do what you need. A trainer, not a physical therapist, is essential for improvement. Just doing the exercize is not going to help if you are doing it incorrectly. I have found many that give bigdiscounts,mine charges by what I can pay. YOu can also find them at the universities; students in Physical ed, physical ergonomics, Pt students. They would jump at the chance to learn with you to maximize your potential,

    Swimming, would be a great benefit also. Low impact, high results. You're doing the right thing by being active and choosing to maximize your ability with what you have left.

    My Trainers name is Cam Cameron, he works in Bellingham Wa. He may have contacts with past student trainers that have gone thru in your area. his Site is, He's a good man, he is also working out a quad your level and loves to help in anyway he can.

    Let us know, if you would, how you are doing with the exercize and what needs to change. I'm excited to see how much more function you may get with your routine. It just takes little changes to make a big difference..

    I'm rehabbing some shoulder stuff and found that putting hooks in the ceiling, walls, low place and using the thera stuff is really quite the workout and costs around 50 bucks for a complete setup. Nice thing is you can take the bands with wherever you go and use them anywhere,

    I'm in my manroom tomorrow; I'll take a look at the issue there. I think you can do it. I workout at home too and go to the gym to workout with Cam once a week in the gym. I continue what we worked on at home.
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    Thank you sir for your response. I will try what you suggested. I'm trying to build my muscles and work on everything I have left. I was lucky I regained a lot of function. I never stopped working out after my accident but I figured its time to switch my routine i learned back in PT. I want to bulk up and work to make myself look and feel better. I will try to email your friend and see what he has to say.

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