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Thread: Happy Birthday CurlieQCarrie

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    Carrie still around?
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    She's active on Facebook and Twitter ... well as much as a working mom can be! She married and had a daughter and works full-time.

    Out of all of the young women around here - Carrie really has my respect for tackling it all with grace and patience and intelligence.

    Anty - who started this thread - unfortunately passed away about two years ago. We lost rybread too. You won't find many of the women here. I left for a while and came back after I had to leave my job due to the varying complications of three decades of paralysis ... looking after myself became my full time job.

    We lost Bob as well. I miss his input around here. A lot moved onto Facebook. I keep in contact with most of the older members that way.
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    Thanks Lynnifer. I was at a murderball game years ago and met Shaun.

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