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Thread: new guy

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    Welcome Don.
    Did you have surgery to relieve the compressed area?
    Hang in there and keep working hard. Physical therapy and exercise do wonders for the body and the mind.

    Best wishes.
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    Welcome Bonedust sorry to here about your accident. I see you are from Comox I lived there back in the late 70s and went to school when my dad was posted there. I actually went back in July of 2010 to see some of my old haunts and visit my friend who is an RCMP officer in the area. Anyway you found the best board on the internet and all these great people can help you manoeuvres through your new life.

    Take care,


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    Welcome Bonedust, it has been Nov for me also. I was in mva also. My biggest challenge is walking, but I am pushing myself. The pool is great thrapy for me.

    Take care and you are right it will be the ride of a lifetime..
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